• Mission House (DE)

    Mission House (DE)

    Mission House Oeventrop, abandoned in 2009 See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Cancer Clinic (DE)

    Cancer Clinic (DE)

    Abandoned Cancer Clinic in the German woods See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Landbouwbelang (NL)

    Landbouwbelang (NL)

    Landbouwbelang, not really Urbex,..still people are living here, protecting the building from decay. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Cemetry of the Insane (B)

    Cemetry of the Insane (B)

    Cemetery for psychiatric patients somewhere hidden in the woods, taken back by nature. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Forgotten School (B)

    Forgotten School (B)

    Abandoned, mostly trashed school somewhere in Belgium,… See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Swamp Hotel (B)

    Swamp Hotel (B)

    Never finished hotel hidden in the Belgium woods,… See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • The White House (B)

    The White House (B)

    Abandoned villa somewhere in Belgium,… See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Forgotten Plane (B)

    Forgotten Plane (B)

    Forgotten plane, left to rot somewhere in Belgium  See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Charleroi (B)

    Charleroi (B)

    Some forgotten building in the Charleroi neighborhood Some building See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Grand Hotel Reinoir (B)

    Grand Hotel Reinoir (B)

    Abandoned Hotel Piano See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Maison Du Vin (B)

    Maison Du Vin (B)

    Hidden in a small forest lays a nice abandoned wine house filled with wine bottles Take a seat See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Villa Onder Ons (B)

    Villa Onder Ons (B)

    Abandoned small Villa somewhere in Belgium Chaise Longe See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • The Horror Labs (B)

    The Horror Labs (B)

    This impressive site is a set of 19 distinct houses, pleasantly separated by courts and gardens. All the façades are neo-Renaissance flamish style. Incorporated in 1969 to the University of Liège, the...
  • Park Hotel (LU)

    Park Hotel (LU)

    Abandoned Hotel in Belfort Luxembourg mostly trashed and standing wide open for the public. The Lobby See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Maison H2 (LU)

    Maison H2 (LU)

    Not the most inspiring abandoned house in Luxembourg,.. but nevertheless worth visiting. Bedroom See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Maison Heinen (LU)

    Maison Heinen (LU)

    Abandoned Farmhouse in Luxembourg. Not that beautiful from the outside, but once inside this old house is stunning. Most of the walls and ceilings are decorated and several rooms have still the antique...
  • Maison T (LU)

    Maison T (LU)

    Abandoned House / Cafe / Brewery somewhere in Luxembourg. Emptyness See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • HH1 (B)

    HH1 (B)

    Abandoned and mostly trashed Heilig Hart hospital no.1 no more waiting Meer foto’s,… Share this:Facebook
  • Sint Anna Klooster (NL)

    Sint Anna Klooster (NL)

    A large monastery with nursing home for mentally handicapped. It was built sometime in the 17th century and in the 19th century it was enlarged. Beginning of 1900 they nursed only women here. See more,… Share...
  • Sinteranlage (D) – UEForum Meeting

    Sinteranlage (D) – UEForum Meeting

    In the german Ruhr area is an old factory. The factory was specialized in creating Sinters. Sintering is a method for creating objects out of powder. The whole factory plant is covered with a dark brown...
  • Chateau Le Chat Noir (B)

    Chateau Le Chat Noir (B)

    There’s no information available at this moment of this abandoned Villa in Belgium yet. The name is made up. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Agnus Dei (D)

    Agnus Dei (D)

    Agnus Dei, a small worn out church with an adjacent rest-home. The rest-home has been closed since 2005, after a severe fire in one of its wings. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Chateau Vurstjen (B)

    Chateau Vurstjen (B)

    This castle has its history from the 12th century. In the 14th century it fell into the hands of the Gent St. Bavo’s Abbey as a country house of the abbots. Late 1500 it...
  • Tannerie Schotte (B)

    Tannerie Schotte (B)

    At the end of the 19th century Pieter-Jozef Schotte starts the business together with his sons Achiel en Hippolyte. With Hipollyte in the management the company flourish in the 1930′s. A special...
  • Hasard Cheratte (B)

    Hasard Cheratte (B)

    Hasard, the abandoned coal mine close to Liege in the town of Cheratte was closed in 1977 A newspaper from 1976 tells us the first photos of Mars are taken with the Viking I rocket, clothes hanging in...
  • Ultimate Urban Exploration – Chernobyl (UA)

    Ultimate Urban Exploration – Chernobyl (UA)

    On 26 April 1986 01:23:45 a.m., reactor number four at the Chernobyl plant, near Pripyat in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, exploded. Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a plume of...
  • HH3 (B)

    HH3 (B)

    Abandoned hospital in the north of Belgium. After the merger of 3 local hospitals this facility was left abandoned. In recent times it was used to accomodate refugees. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Doel (B)

    Doel (B)

    Doel is a little town close to Antwerp. By 2020 the town will be erased due to the expansion of the Antwerp harbour. Most of the houses have been expropriated and many have been looted or trashed. In 2007...
  • Heilstatten G (ex-DDR)

    Heilstatten G (ex-DDR)

    TBC sanatorium, built around 1900. The whole complex consisted of 60 buildings in a green environment and could accommodate 1200 patients. After WW2 the Russian Army took over the place and it became the...
  • Beelitz (ex-DDR)

    Beelitz (ex-DDR)

    This immense hospital complex was designed by architect Heino Schmieden and built in 1898 in the Southwest portion of Berlin near the city of Potsdam. Originally built as a tuberculosis sanatorium this...
  • L’Universite de Liege (B)

    L’Universite de Liege (B)

    This university complex was build in the 1930s and consists of 5 big departments. Most of them are trashed by vandals but one building still remains in very good shape. Sealed like a fortress it only reveils...
  • Royal Sphinx (NL)

    Royal Sphinx (NL)

    The Factory buildings of Royal Sphinx Ceramics in Maastricht. It dates back to as early as 1836, from right after the devide with Belgium. It probably is the oldest factory in Holland. It has great significance...
  • ECVB (B)

    ECVB (B)

    Large abandoned power station in a midsized Belgian city build in 1913. In 1959 the power station was converted to run on coal and gas, it delivered steam to the surrounding industry. It was briefly exploited...
  • Salve Mater (B)

    Salve Mater (B)

    The heirs of the family Spoelberg have given the ‘Groot Park’ (15 hectares) to the Catholic University of Leuven as a gift in the year 1915. These gave the Sisters of Charity of Gent a lease...
  • Waterschei (B)

    Waterschei (B)

    Campine coal mine, built in 1924. The first of the seven mines to be closed down in 1987. Currently being renovated See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Chateau du Loup (B)

    Chateau du Loup (B)

    In 1913, the industrial Gaspard Vanden Bogaerde has built in a large park just outside the center of a small town in Belgium two houses and a caretaker apartment building. He himself inhabited the Chateau...
  • Car Graveyard (B)

    Car Graveyard (B)

    One of the oldest villages in Belgium, is surrounded with two abandoned car graveyards. The first graveyard is relative small and is linked to the backgarden of some local houses. These cars are from the...
  • Laken Crypte (B)

    Laken Crypte (B)

    To offer a solution for the large shortage of graves on the cemetry of Laken, the council of the city of Brussels decided to create a underground sepulchre gallery. This was based on initiative of the...
  • Chateau Hof ter Beke (B)

    Chateau Hof ter Beke (B)

    The main castle was built in 1680. Once a brothel, once a restaurant, once a barber shop, it still awaits its final destination. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Chateau Dragon (B)

    Chateau Dragon (B)

    This little castle from around the turn of the 18th century was abandoned only a couple of years ago. One of its most interesting features can be found in the garden, where German troops who occupied the...
  • Domein Hostade (B)

    Domein Hostade (B)

    Modernist outdoor swimming pool in a holiday park, built in 1939 by Charles Van Nueten. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Dossche Veevoeders (B)

    Dossche Veevoeders (B)

    Cattlefood factory with 67 meters high tower. Demolished already. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Chateau des Lions (B)

    Chateau des Lions (B)

    Chateau des Lions is not realy Urbex because the owner is still living there (and didn’t allow us inside). This castle was built early 1800. It has long been inhabited and even a few years ago used...
  • Chateau Noisy / Miranda (B)

    Chateau Noisy / Miranda (B)

    Deeply hidden into the forests of the Ardennes lies the admirable castle Château de Miranda. The château is built in 1866 and has been designed by the English architect Milner, although the architect...
  • Fort 7 (B)

    Fort 7 (B)

    Fort VII was a fortress located in Wilrijk and part of the Brialmontgordel. It was started in 1859 with the construction and was completed in 1864. The buildings are owned by the Flemish Community and...
  • Chateau Hogemeyer (B)

    Chateau Hogemeyer (B)

    Beautiful little castle with nearby castle farm, built in the 18th century. After years of neglect the château will be reconverted soon. See more,… Share this:Facebook
  • Chateau Rochendaal (B)

    Chateau Rochendaal (B)

    Between 1876 and 1891 was lawyer Jean Henri Paul Ulens mayor of St. Truiden. He was a pronounced catholic character and president of the “Bureel van weldadigheid”, he was also chairman of the Provincial...
  • Sinteranlage (D)

    Sinteranlage (D)

    In the german Ruhr area is an old factory. The factory was specialized in creating Sinters. Sintering is a method for creating objects out of powder. The whole factory plant is covered with a dark brown...
  • Traction Sud (B)

    Traction Sud (B)

    Deep into the south of Belgium there is a huge yunkyard/graveyard full of army trucks and cars fallen into decay. This yunkyard is named “Traction Sud” and is in fact a garage for repair and...
  • Crystal company (B)

    Crystal company (B)

    In 1826 two Frenchmen bought a deserted building and opened a crystal manufactory. The cristallerie became world famous. The factory reached its pinnacle shortly before the first World War when every day...

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